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    Oh. Right. I remember why I answer so many actions.

    Because it's FUN.

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    When your RP partner takes a scene off in an unexpected direction, and you both totally roll with it and get some amazing character development out of it. It's just.. chef kiss

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    Barely getting the chance to RP, partly due to lack of drive, and partly due to time constraints. You have problems setting up a time to meet and get a scene in, and when you eventually do get that chance to RP with this new person who seems really interesting and may actually light a fire under your ass to try and get involved more.

    That scene was worth the waiting.

  • @Testament said in MU Things I Love:

    That scene was worth the waiting.

    ...just that phrase right there is a MU* thing I love. >_>

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    TFW when you briefly click on the webpage between work deliveries by habit and dont expect a response to your personal secret thing but then there is and you read it and even though you-player are kind of dumb and do not know exactly how to tie into the plot you are reading and it is so crazy awesome aaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeee response and you are just mentally shrieking and jumping up and down like a little kid inside------AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEOMFG

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    Playing a character with no responsibilties.

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    This post is deleted!

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    I am having so much fun crafting again. And it looks like people are enjoying what I make (which is like the best thing ever!!). I am having to pace myself because this creative burst means that I'm working on a bunch more stuff to put up in my shop in a few days, if I can wait that long. (I am super horrible about shit like that, I love immediate gratification). And now my head is exploding with more ideas than I have time (game code or otherwise) to do. After a few months of being kinda down and blue about stuff it's a lot of fun again!

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    @mietze Your clothing is lovely!

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    @deathbird aww, thank you! <3

  • Grabbing a scene with someone who is there when they say they're gonna be there and it goes far better than you could have ever wanted!

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    Staffing has it's assorted bullshit but I love, love, love being able to make players happy. Fix a sheet. Inform of a bonus. Do some storytelling. The imagined smiles on their faces make all the other crap worth it. Always has. Happy players are my lifeblood so I do what I can to make that happen.

  • When gifs lead into a pretty damn good scene!

  • @moth said in MU Things I Love:

    When gifs lead into a pretty damn good scene!

    Try this one:

    cat bread

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    Sharing IS caring.

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    Making things in Jave is so much fun. They're so weird and sometimes they fail hard, but it's so. much. fun.

    I never USE any of the things I make in Jave, but I really like making the pretty ASCII pictures and then showing them to people.

  • I had a really good scene this week, and it is a week that has been otherwise shitty in a variety of RL ways, so now I am looking back on that really good scene and feeling good about it. Thank you, RP partner, for giving me a really good scene that had surprising depth and meat.

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    So there's this player who created her own character, and decided to create this problem for her character. And then she decided she wanted her character to overcome that problem, and put in an @action to be able to figure out how, officially and outside of her own personal sandbox, to fix it.

    So I wrote up a response for her. A poem that encompassed a quest for a magical tea to cure the ailment.

    And she took this poem, and spent a year of RP to get people involved, to go places, to explore, to research, to learn. She used this thing that she created for herself, wove a compelling story, turned it into a thing, included a metric fuckton of people, and made this wonderful story arc for her character and everyone who interacted with her.

    I am so happy about this. The arc concluded today, and it was so much more satisfying because of how much RP she's put into it. I can't wait to see what she does next. I think it'll be great. It's not always about the MacGuffin - but the rich story you can create on the journey? That's where the magic lies.

  • Data Entry people.

    Thank you thank you one million times thank you. I cannot stand doing data entry, so everyone who volunteers to do this, know that without you we would be a whole lot more miserable.


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    14 days without any flagged content on MSB.

    I appreciate that, folks.

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