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    It: Chapter 2 was a'ight. Nothing special. The first one was much better - this one had a lot more comic relief that got distracting at times, and I think it over-relied on its physical gory horror effects.

    Also the ending was about five minutes too long.

  • (Hah, I watched @Arkandel post his while I was typing this up. I suppose he is Siskel and I am Ebert. COUNTERPOINT:)

    It: Chapter 2 was fucking amazing, save maybe a couple of things that are just nitpicky, but those would be spoilers.


    In fact, I kind of want to jabber about how fucking much of a genius Stephen King is, and how I'm always reminded somehow by his writing or movie adaptations deep down what a genius he is.

    Ultimately, "IT" isn't a story about a creepy clown. It's a story about fear, and how children believe in magic; the magic of horror, the magic of friendship, the magic of how their childhood crew can face anything so long as they stay together. It's about how fear is deadlier when you're a child because you believe in the monster under the bed, but fear is deadlier as an adult because you're more aware of your own mortality. It's about how it's easier to overcome fear when you're a child because you believe in things that may not actually, tangibly exist, and about how it's twice as hard to remember and believe when you're an adult. I can think of a time in my life that my childhood CREW probably could have handled a monster, and when I daydream about it, I'd probably want my childhood crew there with me if I had to fight another as an adult.

    He doesn't write about clowns. He writes about concepts that almost all of us intimately understand on a human level, and builds stories using those binding concepts as the network of veins pump the blood through it.

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